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Emergency Mobile Charger
This stylish lipstick-sized charger is compact, portable, re-usable and very easy-to-operate.
  • Good for emergency, when you run out of charge in your mobile battery.
  • A single AA battery with a matching cable adapter can keep your handset ON to make and receive calls
  • Works well with most of the handset models of NOKIA, MOTOROLA, SONY ERICSSON, SAMSUNG, LG, SIEMENS, etc subject to compatible charging current/voltages.
  • Automatic shutdown when the AA cell gets depleted and indicative blue LED goes off.
  • Comes with a LED torch light as an add-on
Technical information
  • Input voltage: 1.5V one AA battery (Alkaline, Lithium, or Ni-MH or any rechargeable)
  • Output voltage: 5.6 +/- 0.1V
  • Charging current: 300mA maximum (varies with usage condition)
  • Advanced chips with output voltage of 5.6V
  • Package dimension: 177 x 267 x 50mm (W x H x D)
How to use?
  1. Insert one 1.5V AA battery.
  2. Screw the bottom cap tightly.
  3. Find a matched cable adapter from your cellphone.
  4. Snap one side adapter on to the charger body.
  5. Connect the other side to the cellphone charger socket you have.
  6. LED goes on while it starts charging or replace the battery if LED doesn’t illuminate.
  7. Deactivate the charging when LED is completely off or reactivate the charging with a new AA battery.
  8. Disconnect the charger from cellphone when you finish charging.
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